I have only been dancing with Karen for a short space of time, however it has already become clear to me how much the classes I have taken have changed my entire perspective on dance. Through structured support and guidance Karen enables all her dancers to reach their full potential, leaving class with a smile and sense of real happiness. From Abs beg to advanced Karen's classes are tailored to meet the needs of it's students, ensuring that each student feels comfortable, valued and a part of something special. There is never any criticism, just pure support and praise for hard work. It is an inspiration to be able to dance with Karen and i cannot think of a more gifted, friendlier or more welcoming tutor.

Layla - Ipswich, UK


Karen's commercial jazz class is a version of the classes professional dancers do every day; a thorough warm-up followed by an energetic routine generally to a chart-topping single. It's like being in a music video! Karen is a talented performer, so it is a joy to watch her, attempt to replicate her style and learn her fun and creative routines. I do quite a lot of dance classes and in the couple of years I have been going to Karen's classes I've improved a lot. Part of the reason for this is that Karen is a terrific teacher - her blend of enthusiasm, patience and humour brings out the best in everyone. Her classes are a workout for body and soul.

Joanna - London, UK


I never considered myself to be a 'natural' dancer, and the idea of even going to Pineapple was rather scary. However, about a year ago I found the courage to give it a go and attended a class held by Karen. A year later, and I'm still as captivated and obsessed as I was by that first ever class.Karen's encouragement, enthusiasm and approachable nature has given me a confidence that I never thought I would have. Whether you're attending a Technique or Commercial class, everyone is just as welcome - regardless of whether you have never done a pirouette before or can go en pointe whilst doing a standing splits. Her choreography is always imaginative, intelligent and fun. Whilst some teachers are keen to stick to their 'norm', Karen is not afraid to push boundaries, try new ideas and keep things fresh - both in her music choices and choreography.Dance has become a important part of my life, and I have Karen to thank for a big part of that. If you're wondering whether to give a class a go - DO IT, it might just be the start of something amazing.

Grace - London, UK


Karen's classes are immense fun and a great workout. She chooses some awesome music and the choreography is varied and interesting, she is very talented. I am addicted to her saturday classes and wish I could go more often! She is encouraging and friendly.

Sarah - London, UK


For me what sets your classes apart from other jazz classes is the very strong technical foundation which supports a natural progression through the levels - so many of your advanced students started with the absolute beginners class including me! Also the diversity - I've not found a teacher who delivers such variety, without doubt making more versatile dancers.

Sarah - London, UK


Karen is an amazing dance teacher. Her choreography is extremely diverse as with her song choices. This means each week brings a new, exciting and challenging routine. But, Karen's classes offer more than a great routine, they are also about learning technique, building strength and increasing flexibility. Having myself progressed from Karen's absolute beginners class to her intermediate/advanced class, I can say that Karen provides a great foundation for those starting out in dance but also has the ability to teach students to build on that foundation so as to technically progress and grow as dancers.

Vanessa - London, UK


I now call myself a dancer thanks to Karen. I came to her as an advanced Tapper whose feet worked but the rest of me barely danced! I walked into Karen's class almost by accident, simply because it was 'Absolute beginners' & that was me! I had never met anyone else who so openly welcomed new people. She has such patience despite her own talent and pulls amazing choreography effortlessly together every week! Ten years on and I have had some incredible experiences - dancing in Fashion shows, TV ads, in a Contemporary Ballet company and teaching for the Scout association. It is all thanks to Karen, from jobs she has put me forward for, auditions she has encouraged me to go to & the technical training she has given me to be able to go on to teach & choreograph! She has taught me so much and most importantly has given me the opportunity to turn up at class and do what I love every week...dance!

Rachel - St Albans, UK
ECommerce Manager


I was never built to be a 'dancer' being a curvy girl I've never quite gotten over feeling like the elephant trying to do ballet, so coming to Pineapple felt terrifying. I tried lots of other classes but none of them felt right until I went to Karen's absolute beginners and loved it! After coming to class for 7 years and working my way to her advanced level, I'm totally hooked! Her classes are rigorous, fun, technical and a progression. There is something for everyone because her choreography is never the same its always evolving.Doing her class has helped me become a better performer. It has boosted my confidence for auditions, giving me the ability to stand in front of a panel and knowing I can hold my own and be the best that I can possibly be for me. Coming to Karen's class was the best decision I've ever made.

Joanna - London, UK


Coming to London for the first time over 18 years ago, I decided to try a class at Pineapple Dance Studios. I’d taken ballet classes since I was small but wanted to try something different and decided to give Karen’s jazz class a go. To say I became hooked from that first class would be an understatement – since then Karen’s classes have become a huge part of my life and they define who I am as a dancer now. What makes this class stand out for me is Karen’s choreography, her interpretation of the music and the fact that over all these years her routines each week are constantly fresh and creative and always challenging. The range of her choreographic style is wide, from my favourite lyrical and angst routines to those with a more street jazz and commercial flavour – I love them all and finish every class thinking that particular week’s routine was the best ever!! Karen welcomes everyone to her classes and provides constant encouragement and support so that you can improve your technique and individual presentation. She has given me the opportunity and confidence to perform and in recent years to teach classes myself – something I find every bit as rewarding as dancing itself. I couldn’t have done this without Karen, she has inspired me every step of the way to be a better dancer, to believe in myself and to want to share that passion with others through teaching. During the day I have a fairly full on desk job and getting to Karen’s dance classes in the evening and on a Saturday gives me space to de-stress and lose myself in dancing – I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without it!! Her classes always make me happy, no matter how tough a day it has been. They inspire me to be something more than ordinary and to achieve more than I imagined possible – dancing has become a big part of my soul and a constant part of my life. I’d encourage everyone to do exactly what I did, and just try one of Karen’s classes – she teaches at every level from absolute beginner to intermediate/advanced – I can absolutely guarantee you won’t find a better class anywhere else and that you will come away smiling – I still do……every day of every week for every one of the 18 years I have been dancing with Karen.

Helen - London, UK