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I am pleased to announce the launch of Anatomi.co.uk our latest and very exciting project.

With over 25 years experience of teaching dance at Pineapple studios and further 5 years plus as a professional dancer before that, my wealth of knowledge and experience in the dance industry is extensive. As co-founder and course director of Anatomi I am now have the opportunity to be able to pass on much of my learning's by encouraging and developing career minded trainee Anatomi dance teachers and specialized Anatomi fitness instructors.

A career as a professional dance teacher or specialized fitness instructor can be financially rewarding and very satisfying, but it is often only the best in their class who reap the full rewards. Here at Anatomi the emphasis is on producing the very best dance teachers and specialized fitness instructors possible by drawing upon my extensive knowledge and experience of both the dance and fitness industries.

Anatomi provides first class professional training for those interested in becoming the very best dance teachers and specialized fitness instructors alike. Our courses cater for individuals with varying backgrounds and experience but all of whom share a keen interest in becoming a dance teacher or specialized fitness instructor. The training is extensive, thorough and will challenge all who attend the course/s demanding nothing short of complete determination and maximum effort to progress. We aim to produce the very best rounded dance teachers and fitness instructors achievable giving each newly qualified professional the best possible opportunity to develop a thoroughly rewarding and satisfying career.

For the experienced and proven dance professional who is able to demonstrate a good technical level of ability and understanding our advanced dance teacher training course could be right for you. For the developing dancer with a keen interest in becoming a dance teacher, our dance teacher foundation course offers the opportunity to realize your dreams. We have also developed two very new and different fitness disciplines, each extremely exciting and being different in both style and targeted outcome. Shortly we will be running short courses in both of these disciplines



New and exciting developments are currently in the making and are scheduled for release this year. The first of these being the launch of intensive dance workshops both for the UK and international. 

These are very new and exciting intensive workshops, which are specifically designed to make available the most vibrant and up-to-date modern Commercial Jazz that I teach at Pineapple for dancers of all levels and abilities. 


In the UK

Dance workshops are held at Pineapple Dance Studios, London or can be made available nationally by prior arrangement. The workshops are specifically designed according to the requirements and abilities of the overall student group and aim to deliver dance training of the highest calibre.


Schools & Institutions

These are specialist interactive dance workshops designed to give a real insight into the world of professional dance and choreography whilst encouraging the students creativity, potential and interaction. In brief the workshops are available at Pineapple Dance Studios or on location and cover dance tuition, developing choreographic skills and a production performance piece. 



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