The warm-Ups The_Instruction The_Result
The Warm-Ups The Instruction The Result


Commercial Jazz

Today's jazz dancer needs to be an all rounder and this can be seen whenever you switch on a TV or go to a show. I like to keep my class up-to-date and  a current reflection of the industry. My class is a fusion of many jazz styles including lyrical, technical and contemporary with an up-to-date addition (when called for by the music) of commercial choreography that has now become part of the professional jazz dancer's repertoire.  

I teach all levels from absolute beginners to advanced. The class begins with a warm up which is designed to refine the dancer - to make the body supple and to increase strength as well as working on posture and line, then onto kicks, turns and jumps to develop skills. This is followed by a fresh routine each week varying the style of the music and the choreography so my students can enjoy interpreting different moods, vibes and dynamics for an extensive and varied jazz dance experience.

I have coached many pupils into full-time dance school's and dance careers, and others have gone on to becoming teachers in their own right at Pineapple and around the UK


Absolute Beginners

This is my class at its most basic level, with simplified choreography so that my students can really enjoy dancing whilst developing their co-ordination and musicality. The technical aspect of dance is introduced in the warm up at a very basic level to equip the student with necessary basic dance skills/understanding required in order to progress to the next level (Beginners/Elementary). This class is a great workout and promotes all round body strength and flexibility which requires no previous dance experience to attend.



This is the next level on from absolute beginners. It is ideal for beginners who have been dancing for some time and who are ready for more of a challenge and also for people returning to dance classes after an extended absence. More technique is introduced and the level of difficulty in the routine is increased and is more comprehensive.



This is a mixed ability class for people who have a good understanding of technique, who have been dancing for some time and who find routines relatively easy to pick up.



This class runs for 1¾ hours as the warm-up isn't merely a warm-up, it is more of a technical progression, designed to challenge the body of the dancer to become stronger and more supple. During the warm-up there is a barre section for strength/balance and in the centre we do “the stretch beyond the stretch” as I like to call it, where the dancer reaches their maximum potential for suppleness. We also do travelling sequences across the floor which includes kicks, turns and jumps. The routine is choreographed to an entire track so that the dancer gets a sense of a full performance.