About Me

With more than 20 years experience in teaching alone, currently I have 13 classes per week at PineappleDance Studios in London UK
For as long as I can remember my greatest passion has been for dance and that passion is as strong today as it has ever been. At the very earliest opportunity I focused all my efforts on developing a career in dance and at the age of twenty one I managed to secure my first big break by joining the very prestigious Union Dance Company. During my time with UDC I danced in major theatres and dance events throughout the UK and Europe, performing pieces by renowned choreographers and appearing with them on TV, which included the prestigious arts program 'The South Bank Show'. 
UDC's repertoire was demanding and intensely satisfying and I was encouraged and trained to a very high standard which resulted in a comprehensive and thorough understanding of dance, technique, skill and performance. UDC was a fabulous and privileged gateway into the world of dance.

Being a jazz dancer at heart and after spending three years with UDC, I made the decision to leave and pursue a more commercial career in musical theatre and corporate entertainment. With an impressive client portfolio, which includes The Grovenor House Hotel, Mitsubishi, Formula 1, Morrisons and Primark, I now choreograph and stage events, which include dance and fashion shows and independant music videos for both corporate and private clients.

I have coached many pupils into full-time dance schools and dance careers and others have gone on to become teachers in their own right at Pineapple and around the UK.